Best season to travel to Rio de Janeiro


There are so many ways to eat the delicious apple of the tropics

Best time: October–March


Mango is probably the most popular fruit in tropical countries. The seeds of the mango tree traveled from Asia to South America with humans thousands of years ago and since then this fruit has become very important to Brazil's economy. Harvesting provides jobs for locals. It is also an important ingredient in lots of dishes. Mango is often eaten raw as a snack, but can be used to make juices, pies, smoothies, fruit bars, ice cream, or sweet chili sauce. It also can be served on a stick, dipped in chili powder, salt, black pepper, vinegar, lime juice or hot sauce offering a unique flavour experience. In Brazil, ​a peeled mango on a stick is sold by street vendors and is a very popular snack. The best time to enjoy a fully ri​pe mango in Rio is from October to March during harvest season.

Last updated: by Eleonora Provozin