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Hot Springs in Mongolia

The hot minera​l-rich water of the Mogoit hot springs is said to cure allergies, sore joints, and strengthen one's nervous system

Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs

The temperature of the springs lives up to their name—the coldest one is as hot as 33 °C, and the maximum reaches 72 °C. But people do not mind to suffer a little for the sake of the treatment the springs are said to provide. They improve your nervous system, reduce pain in your joints, and also relieve allergies.

Mogoit Springs are located about 18 kilometres (11 miles) southeast of Bat-Ulzii. The miraculous influence of the Mogoit Springs is attributed to the high fluorine and sodium sulfate content. According to other beliefs, they received these magic powers after their discovery by Mongolian religious leader Zanabazar Javzandamba Khutagt.

The gem of Orkhon Valley enjoyed great popularity in Soviet times, after the fall of communism it was partially abandoned and forgotten. Things changed in 2010 when a tourist ger camp was set nearby. Since then it has been intensively regaining its former popularity drawing a large flow of tourists.

Apart from Mogoit Springs, there is a number of other less known hot springs that are well worth your attention and await to be discovered by you! These include a list of over 40 hot springs. Among these best known are Tsetsuuh, Tsagaan Sum, Gyalgar, Zaart, Khojuul, Otgontenger, Ulaan Khaalga, Euruu, Khamar, Gyatruun, Sharga, Emt, Tsokhio​t, Uheg, Örgööt, Bulgan, Gants mog, Chihert, Salbart, Urtrag, Tsuvraa, Khunjil and others.

The season lasts from May to September, in October ger camps are already closed.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mogoit Hot Springs in Mongolia?

Tourists planning to visit Mogoit Hot Springs in Mongolia should aim to visit during May-September when the temperature is pleasant and the ger camps are open. It is harder to access the place in October when the peaks have already closed down for colder seasons. Show more

Where are the Mogoit Hot Springs located in Mongolia?

The hot springs in Mongolia, also known as Mogoit Hot Springs are located southeast of Bat-Ulzii, i.e., in the Orkhon Valley, almost 18 kilometers away, which offers visitors a sense of adventure combined with a reposeful experience in the warm mineral-rich waters. Show more

How hot can the temperature of the Mogoit Hot Springs in Mongolia get?

The temperature of the Mogoit hot springs in Mongolia can be as hot as 72°C while the lowest temperature dips to 33°C. Visitors must be careful while soaking in the water due to high temperatures though the therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich warm water make it a worthwhile experience. Show more

What is the history behind the magical powers attributed to the Mogoit Hot Springs in Mongolia?

The healing properties of the Mogoit Hot Springs in Mongolia attributed to the high concentration of fluorine and sodium sulfate also find credit in the legend which attributes the discovery of the place to Mongolian religious leader Zanabazar Javzandamba Khutagt. Regardless of the historical background, visitors will be able to reap the rewards of the mineral-rich waters. Show more

Apart from Mogoit Hot Springs, what are some other hot springs worth exploring in Mongolia?

Apart from Mogoit Hot Springs, Mongolia has several other hot springs that are lesser-known and worth exploring. Tourists may choose from a list of over 40 other hot springs - Tsagaan Sum, Tsetsuuh, Zaart, Ulaan Khaalga, Gyatruun, Khojuul, Sharga, Gyalgar, Emt, Euruu, Khamar, Tsokhio​t, Örgööt, Bulgan, Salbart, Gants mog, Chihert, Urtrag, Tsuvraa, and Khunjil. One can enjoy the splendid vista and unique experiences each has to offer. Show more

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