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Best time to visit Olympic National Park, WA

Hot Springs

Come relax at one of the hot springs on the peninsula


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After a long hike in the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula, nothing quite tops soaking your achy bones in a geothermal hot spring. Thankfully, there are two options to choose from in the area. The best time to take a dip in these hot waters is when the air is cold, typically from November through February.

Sol Duc Hot Springs

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort hosts concrete pools of differing temperatures and is a picture-perfect getaway for the whole family. Every year, this resort draws visitors from all around the globe who would like to take a dip in these soothing waters. After your soak, there's no need to go far as food and lodging accommodations are available on the premise.

Olympic Hot Springs Trail

For a more rustic experience, start at Madison Falls parking area and hike about 10 mi (16 km) up the Olympic Hot Springs Trail. Some pools are located along the trail while others are much more secluded and further off into the forest. The springs vary in temperature and are usually bordered by boulders—a natural alternative to the concrete pools of Sol Duc.

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