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Keystone Heritage Park

A fantastic place with the Franklin Mountains serving as a backdrop


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Located in El Paso’s Upper Valley, Keystone Heritage Park represents a city-owned non-profit 52-acre (21-ha) nature preserve. It contains an ancient archaeological site, a natural wetland, the Chihuahuan Desert Experience's future site, and the El Paso Botanical Garden.

This beautiful park is open throughout the year with public and special tours available. Mind summer to be the hottest season of all!

The archaeological site was discovered during the construction of flood control dams in the late 70s. Runoff from a thunderstorm swept away the mound of a shallow arroyo and revealed a cutout of an ancient pitch house. Initial research showed that the house was part of the village, which was over 4000 years old. Rumor has it that it may be one of the oldest and largest settlements of its kind in the USA.

Keystone Wetlands is a shelter for many birds: over 200 bird species have been spotted there, and around 22 species are considered rare. These archaic marshes are protected by Federal Law and depict the ones that once lined the Rio Grande.

The Botanical Garden at Keystone is an outcome of generous donations and diligent volunteer work. This place encompasses a Xeric demonstration garden, an ethnobotanical garden, a moonlight garden, a children’s garden, an amphitheater, and more. This site is also available for reunions, corporate gatherings, and weddings.

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