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Secret Lagoon in Iceland 2024-2025

An alternative to a celebrated Blue Lagoon, less advertised but equally enjoyable

Best time: October–April

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is a kind of literally secret, although it's located just a hundred kilometres west of the well-known Blue Lagoon, deeper into the mainland, in Flúðir. In fact, it's one of the oldest of all geothermal pools found in Iceland. Recently it has been renovated with all modern facilities.

It's open all year round, with just slightly longer operating hours in the summertime (May–September). Nevertheless, we recommend the off-season, as it's more convenient to enjoy the baths in the dead of winter with no crowds.

Practical info

What makes the Secret Lagoon different from the Blue Lagoon?

The Secret Lagoon is located deeper in Flúðir, and is one of the oldest geothermal pools in Iceland. Being a smaller and less marketed pool, it is equally impressive and enjoyable as the counterpart. The recently-renovated modern facilities provide visitors with a comfortable and serene environment to relax in. Show more

How far is the Secret Lagoon from Reykjavik?

The Secret Lagoon can be found in Fludir, 100 km west of Reykjavik. Offering a less touristy environment for visitors to enjoy, it showcases a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Visitors to the site can drive from Reykjavik, which would take roughly 1.5 hours, or alternatively, they can take a guided tour to reach the lagoon. Show more

Can I visit the Secret Lagoon during the summer months?

The Secret Lagoon is available for visitation throughout the year. Visiting during the summer, however, means longer opening hours from May to September, which can also translate to larger crowds. The best time to avoid crowds and experience the baths up close during the off-season months of October to April, particularly for couples or individuals seeking an intimate experience. Show more

What are the modern facilities available at the Secret Lagoon?

The Secret Lagoon has an array of modern facilities to ensure guests' comfort, such as newly-upgraded changing rooms, inground showers, lockers for personal belongings, a local cuisine-serving restaurant, and scenic walking paths and bridges to enhance guests' views and accessibility to the site's flora and fauna. Show more

What is the best time of the year to avoid crowds at the Secret Lagoon?

Although the Secret Lagoon is accessible throughout the year, visiting during off-season ensures avoiding large crowds. Visitors can enjoy personalized experiences devoid of the bustling crowds during the colder and darker winter months from October to April. Winter months offer the extra advantage of viewing the magical Northern Lights, but daytime hours are shorter and colder during this time. Show more

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