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Best time to visit Slovenia

Thermal Springs

A trip to Slovenia will make you healthier if you decide to visit one of its thermal mineral springs

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Slovenia is famous for its thermal springs. 14 certified natural health resorts offer excellent medical services while developing innovative preventive and alternative health programs and offering great programs for beauty and relaxation. Most resorts can be found in eastern Slovenia, and two can be found on the coast.

Slovenia thermal spas

Slovenia genuinely features a lot of thermal spas and waters famous for their healing properties. To make the best out of your visit, we've put together a list of the best thermal spas, including luxury and cheap options. So, here we go: Eco Terme Snovik, the Olimia Spa complex, Hotel Vivat, Hotel Vitarium Superior – Terme Krka, Hotel Riviera, and Hotel Terme. Choose the one you like the most and dive deeper into the world of complete relaxation.

Also, aside from the big and famous resorts, you can enjoy thermal waters in little and less visited places like the municipality of Benedikt. The local hot springs are as great as others, free of charge, and not that crowded. The best time to be relaxing in warm waters is during the colder seasons.

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