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Remington Hot Springs in California

One of the few free public hot springs welcome everyone

Best time: all year round

Remington Hot Springs

Remington hot springs are probably some of the last free public hot springs found in California. Located along the Kern River, the hot springs feature three human-made tubs with sulfuric water, so some say it smells like eggs. It is a popular point with both locals and travelers.

Pipes connect one tub to the other. This allows draining and cleaning of the water. The water is hottest in the highest tub and cools on its way down to the lowest ones. Some 50 ft (15 m) above the tubs is a small pool, known as "the miner's tub." This one was the oldest and the first one to appear in this spot. They are located in a grassy shaded area right next to the river.

Best time to visit Remington Hot Springs

Each spring, the Remington Hot Springs area displays wildflowers in bloom. During warm nights this place turns into a perfect stargazing place with several camping spots. Swimming in hot water during hot summers might be not as enjoyable as in the colder months. The fall and winter months are an excellent time to have a relaxing dip. As Remington Hot Springs is a popular destination all year round, make sure to plan your visit on a weekday. Weekends tend to get crowded and noisy over here. Also, catching a sunrise or a sunset while having a dip in the pool could be the best memory to be taken from Remington Hot Springs.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Remington Hot Springs?

It is recommended to go in springtime to appreciate well-maintained wildflowers along the Kern River and stargazing on a warmer night. If you prefer colder weather, the fall and winter months would be ideal to visit Remington Hot Springs to have a peaceful experience. Show more

Can I camp near the hot springs?

Stargazing can be enjoyed during the night at Remington Hot Springs, and camping is permitted nearby. Some campsites are within walking distance, and several are next to the river. The surrounding area also offers several recreational activities, such as hiking, swimming, and fishing. Show more

Is the water temperature the same in all tubs?

The highest tub at Remington Hot Springs has the hottest water, while the lower ones have lower temperatures. There are pipes connecting the tubs, allowing the water to be drained and cleaned. Additionally, there is a small pool above the tubs, called the miners' tub, which was the first one to be discovered. Show more

Where is the nearest town to Remington Hot Springs?

The small community of Lake Isabella, offering grocery stores, restaurants, and other basic necessities, is located about 15 miles away from Remington Hot Springs. Kernville, another nearby town, is only 10 miles away and is renowned for river rafting trips and fishing expeditions. Show more

How crowded does it get during weekends?

Remington Hot Springs is a well-known tourist destination, so weekends are typically busy and noisy. If you're looking for a more peaceful and stress-free experience, it's suggested that you arrange a weekday visit. For the most relaxed and stress-free experience, go early in the morning on weekdays and avoid the weekends. Show more

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