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Barton Springs Pool

Have a relaxing dip a large spring-fed pool in Austin

Barton Springs Pool in Texas - Best Time
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Lars Plougmann

Austin's Barton Springs Pool is a hot spot in any season. Located within Zilker Park, the pool covers the area of 12,140 sq metres (3 acres). It is fed by the underground spring and features a year-round temperature of 20-23 °C (68-70 °F).

Barton Springs Pool in Texas - Best Season

During the swimming season Barton Springs attracts crowds. The most recent record was 800,000 visitors. But don't worry about that, even when a a lot of visitors it is so large, that everyone will get some space in the water. The pool's depth reaches 5,5 m (18 feet). The surrounding area is grassy.

The pool is open to the public from 5 am till 10 pm daily, except Thursdays. On Thursdays, the pool is closed due to cleaning from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm. From November to February the admission is free. During the hot season, from March till October, when everyone wants to have a cool dip, the fee is around $10 for non-residents and twice cheaper for residents. Though there are free hours every day if you come earlier than 8 am or later than 9 pm. If there is a possibility of flooding from the Barton Creek, the pool can be closed for several days.

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