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Hog Hunting

Texans love to hunt, and local regulations are not so strict

Anyone, who wants to hunt in Texas, should know local laws and regulations, and purchase a valid hunting license. Around 97% of Texas is privately owned, thus you'll need to pay landowners if you want to hunt on their land. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offer a public hunting program, which includes opportunities for deer, antelope, feral hogs, turkey, alligators, and other game in the wildlife management areas and state parks.

No bag limits or seasons on hunting wild pig are enforced in Texas, but a few things still have to be considered. First of all, it is illegal to hunt a hog without a license. Hog can be found in more arid or semi-arid parts of the state -- the South Texas brush country, the Trans-Pecos' desert grasslands, and the Edwards Plateau's oak-juniper woodlands. Since javelinas have poor eyesight and not ​the best hearing, it can sometimes be found not too far away from humans. Javelina is a nocturnal animal during the hot season, but it is active during the day in winter. The best time for javelina hunting is mid-January through March. The weapon used is usually a bow or compound bow.