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The Mongolian wilderness sustains nomads with delicious game, namely wild goats, sheep, and above all—marmots


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Mongols do not overuse meat in summer, and feed mainly on dairy products, but it is hardly possible to survive the fierce local winters without meat. So in autumn, when wild animals are getting fat preparing for the cold, nomads get out their hunting armour and stunning fur hunting garments and set off for a hunting adventure. They hunt mainly for argali, a large wild sheep with huge horns, or for ibex, a wild goat. But the most desirable catch is the marmot, later on cooked with hot stones placed into its abdomen, a dish known as boodog—Mongolian barbeque. Marmot hunting season falls on September and October, but the season of argali and ibex starts earlier, mainly in July. In winter nomads often go hunting​ with eagles.

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