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Flea Markets in New York

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Best time: April–November

Flea Markets
Flea Markets
Flea Markets
Flea Markets

Every New Yorker loves a good flea market. It's the perfect place to look for bargains, vintage clothes, antiques, craft jewels, and delicious snacks. There are dozens of flea markets around the five boroughs of New York, but only some of them are a must for everyone. Among these is the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene, one of the oldest in the neighbourhood with its almost 150 vendors selling everything from retro jewellery to absolutely unnecessary whatnots. Also, there is the Brooklyn Flea​ at DUMBO where vendors sell vintage clothes, rugs, and artwork right under the Manhattan bridge.

There's also the Queen's International Night Market that you're going to love at least for the starry sky above your head. And, of course, the fresh and new Bushwick Flea, a less known market which also offers live music every Sunday.​ Each market has its own start and end date, so check the opening times before heading there.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit New York's flea markets?

New York's flea market season runs from April to November, allowing for the most pleasant temperatures to browse outside vendors. Some of the most popular flea markets, like the Brooklyn Flea and Queens International Night Market, are also only open for these months. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the unbeatable market shopping experience, be sure to visit these markets between April and November when they're open. Show more

Where are the best flea markets located in New York?

New York's flea markets are spread out over the city's five boroughs, with exceptional options like the Brooklyn Flea and Queens International Night Market. Each market caters to different preferences and products, so it would be best to scope out all of them. To take full advantage of these wonders, visit each market website to find the exact market locations and operating hours. Show more

What kinds of items can I expect to find at New York flea markets?

Vintage clothing, jewelry, art, crafts, antiques, handmade goods, and assortments of food and snacks are often showcased at New York flea markets. The markets specialize in unique categories, so researching and deciding which market to visit is crucial. Be ready to haggle for the best price, as vendors usually expect the negotiation. Just keep in mind that antique and vintage products may not have significant flexibility in price as they are more valuable. Show more

Are the prices at the flea markets in New York negotiable?

Negotiating prices at New York's flea markets is customary, especially if you are purchasing multiple items. Vendors are willing to compromise on prices most of the time, but it's good to check if the specific vendor has any restrictions. Items like antiques and vintage products might not have much room for negotiating as they are more valuable. When negotiating, be respectful and polite to the vendor, and know when to walk away if a deal cannot be made. Show more

What other activities can I combine with a visit to New York flea markets?

New York offers many other activities besides flea markets, like a leisurely stroll in the park, a stroll through a nearby museum or gallery, or attending events like workshop programs or entertainment programs at Brooklyn's Flea. After shopping, visitors can head out to explore some of the famous restaurants and bars near the flea markets to experience the diverse culinary offerings of New York. Show more

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