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Flea Markets

A New York favourite and a must see for any traveler


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Every New Yorker loves a good flea market. It's the perfect place to look for bargains, vintage clothes, antiques, craft jewels, and delicious snacks. There are dozens of flea markets around the five boroughs of New York, but only some of them are a must for everyone. Among these is the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene, one of the oldest in the neighbourhood with its almost 150 vendors selling everything from retro jewellery to absolutely unnecessary whatnots. Also, there is the Brooklyn Flea​ at DUMBO where vendors sell vintage clothes, rugs, and artwork right under the Manhattan bridge.

There's also the Queen's International Night Market that you're going to love at least for the starry sky above your head. And, of course, the fresh and new Bushwick Flea, a less known market which also offers live music every Sunday.​ Each market has its own start and end date, so check the opening times before heading there.

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