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VFW Hillsville Flea Market 2022

This flea market has cool stuff for any taste: from vinyl records to furniture


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Sponsored by VFW Grover King Post 1115, this event has been around since 1968. The flea market starts on Friday and goes on until Monday. Vendors set up their tents very early, to be on time by 7 am, when people start coming to the place. The event is held at the huge VFW parking area and the surrounding territories, called “Hunley” and “Bowman.”

The flea market grabs the attention of the entire city. VFW Hillsville brings together sellers of various industries, including antique dealers, artisans, souvenir makers, traders, and more. Once there, you’ll be able to buy all sorts of stuff, including furniture, guns, vinyl records, signs, books, collectibles, baseball cards, toys, gadgets, clothes, coins, you name it.

The flea market will function until 6 pm, so you’ll have enough time to stroll around, talk to people, and purchase awesome items. There is a parking lot, costing $5 per day. Plus, book your accommodation in advance as Hillsville is very busy this time of year.

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