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Breadfruit Season

Wrapped in leaves and baked in hot ashes, the fruit turns into something like an aromatic loaf of bread

Best time: November–December

Breadfruit Season

Breadfruit is one of the most productive of fruit plants. One tree produces 150-700 fruits per year. You can't get hungry with the breadfruit—ever! Locals know it, and love and appreciate this remarkable tree. They prepare breadfruit pulp similarly to potatoes: it's cooked, baked, or fried. It can also be dried, milled into flour, and used to bake cakes, bread, and puddings. It's a staple food in the Pacific Islands. Moreover, the young fibres are used to make rope, clothing, and fishing tackle. Also, these trees secrete milky sap which is used as glue, and leaves are good for making light hats.

Traditionally islanders gather fruit in November–December. Ripe breadfruit is distinguished by yellowish-brown colour, soft skin and sweet creamy flesh.

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