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Tuna Fishing Season in Fiji

Big schools of tuna inhabit the reefs making game-fishing more exciting

Best time: January–April | July–September

Tuna Fishing Season

Big schools of yellowfin tuna appear in Fijian waters twice a year. Usually they enter the passages from January to April and from July to September. Ranging in size from 5 to 15kg, they can be fished on light trolling tackle and spinning gear. For much bigger tuna (25-40 kg) anglers usually use serious bends—the heaviest rods.

Large Dogtooth Tuna is an unusual fish you can encounter close to the barrier reef. It is a very big and tough fish. Adults can reach up to 150kg. But anglers catch much smaller fish on bait (up to 20-30 kg). Usually, they are found near the Kadavu Seamount in Fiji. Though the Dogtooth Tuna is considered a tuna and has much in common with it, this is not a member of tuna family in fact. This species is more aggressive and often terrorizes small fish. For catching, the deepwater jigging methods are best used. The ideal season for the Dogtooth Tuna fishing is from December to May.

Practical info

When is the best time to catch yellowfin tuna in Fiji?

The arrival of yellowfin tuna schools in Fijian waters happens twice a year, from January to April and July to September. These periods coincide with yellowfin tuna migratory patterns. To catch them, anglers use light trolling and spinning gear. In general, the size of the yellowfin tuna usually ranges from 5 to 15kg, although heavier rods may be required for those over 25kg. Show more

Where can you find Dogtooth Tuna in Fiji?

Dogtooth Tuna, an unusual species found in Fiji, usually resides near the Kadavu Seamount near the barrier reef. Anglers can employ deepwater jigging methods from December to May to catch them, using bait to catch smaller fish sized from 20 to 30kg. Although these fish can grow up to 150kg, angling is strongly regulated as this species is endangered. Show more

What is the size range of yellowfin tuna in Fiji?

Typically ranging from 5 to 15kg, the size of yellowfin tuna in Fiji is perfect for light trolling and spinning gear. However, heavier tackle would be required for yellowfin tuna over 25kg. Yellowfin tuna usually appear in Fijian waters from January to April and July to September due to their migratory patterns. Show more

What fishing gear is ideal for catching large Dogtooth Tuna?

Deepwater jigging is the ideal technique for catching Dogtooth Tuna, an aggressive species that can reach up to 150kg in weight. Effective techniques require heavy tackle, weighing 100lbs or more, and barbless hooks. This species is strictly regulated as it is currently endangered. Show more

Is Dogtooth Tuna a part of the tuna family or a different species?

Although frequently referred to as a variety of tuna, the Dogtooth Tuna belongs to the Scombridae family, which also includes bonito and mackerel. While similar to tuna in many ways, its unique characteristics require specific fishing techniques. Show more

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