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Fara (Rotuman Festivity) 2024-2025

This is a very interesting tradition in Fiji similar to the Catholic and Orthodox carolling season

Dates: December–mid-January

Check out this traditional cultural and social event held annually for a month between December and January on the island of Rotuma. It is called "Fara" and means "to ask." During the fest groups of Fijian singers and dancers walk from one house to another to entertain their hosts, "asking" for their hospitality. It looks like a "carolling marathon" with people visiting houses with ukuleles and drums, singing songs and dancing, and inviting the hosts to join in.

There is a tradition to go to homes very late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Even locals who have already slept are awoken by the sound of singing and clapping drums. Faras don’t let people know they are coming; this tradition is impromptu in nature. After their performances, owners thank them in the usual manner—with some drinks, biscuits, snacks, and thanks.

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