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Best time to travel to Phoenix, AZ


The night sky in the capital city of Arizona is breathtaking

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Arizona is one of the top places for stargazing in the USA. Its capital city, Phoenix, also offers plenty of places to enjoy the night sky. Even though there are many lights in Phoenix, it is still limited by light pollution in terms of in-city stargazing options. In this article, you will find top stargazing spots within the city and just a few minutes drive away from it. The best time to stargaze in Phoenix is from April to early July.

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Phoenix Mountains Preserve is the first one on our list. It's located just 20 minutes away from downtown, making it an easy-to-get-to place with no city lights around. Phoenix Mountains Preserve offers its visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the sky in the Phoenix area. It's also a great hiking zone, with an 11 pm closing time.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

This option is for those who are new to stargazing. The Maricopa County Parks offers a guided tour with the possibility to learn the stars' names, the constellations, and the history of the night sky. The entry fee is $6, covering the parking fee and participation in the whole program. You can find more information about this tour on the official website in the External Resources below.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

This breathtaking 21,099 acre spot serves as a fantastic place for stargazing. McDowell Mountain is surrounded by mountain ranges and offers a picturesque view of the northeast valley. Yes, this place reminds everyone of the beauty of our world. Oh, and there's basically no lighting to speak of.

Estrella Mountain Park

Estrella Mountain Park is another no-light spot, offering you a vast area for stargazing. This 60 acre zone of wild, desert land also hosts different stargazing events throughout the year. Check their website in the External Resources to get more information about working hours and any latest news.

Sonoran Desert Tours

From June to October, you have a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the night sky with Walker Remington in his Jeep. This four-wheel-drive vehicle will let you go further into the desert and enjoy the night sky you will never see in the city.

Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is a large recreation area located northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. It's a dark location with almost no lights. You can get there by car and enjoy the night sky from the shoreline or parking lots. During the daytime, you can enjoy fishing, different water activities, hiking, biking, and camping. The park is open daily, year-round.

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