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Best time to travel to San Antonio, TX


Dark clear skies at Hill Country parks and preserves

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Due to strong light pollution, San Antonio is not the best place for stargazing. However, it's possible to find quite a few dark spots to gaze up starry skies even in the city. One of them is McAllister Park, located north of downtown. The park was chosen by San Antonio Astronomical Association for meetings and stargazing events that usually take place on Wednesday nights.

If you take the time to drive for about 2 hours, you can reach some of the best areas for stargazing in Texas. The open spaces and beautiful nature preserves of Hill Country are perfect for watching the stars. Make sure to check a weather forecast and moon phases before you go.

In the summer, the chances to see and photograph the Milky Way are higher. In the winter, you can count on longer, darker, and clearer nights, which allows people to observe various phenomena.

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area can be reached from San Antonio in just over 2 hours. It's famous for its pink granite mountain and beautiful scenery. The area is known for low light pollution and amazing stargazing. It also offers camping sites, hiking cave exploration, and rock climbing.

Hill Country State Natural Area

Located within 1 hour drive from San Antonio, The Hill Country State Natural Area is suitable for hiking and picnics during the day and becomes a perfect site for astrophotography at night.

Los Maples State Natural Area

Los Maples State Natural Area is another area known for its dark skies. Scenic hills and canyons on the upper Sabinal River in the Edwards Plateau Region attract both hikers and astronomy enthusiasts gathering in the park for star parties and other events.

Government Canyon State Natural Area

Spanning 12,244 ac (4,937 ha) of rugged hills and canyons, Government Canyon State Natural Area is located just 20 minutes from San Antonio. Government Canyon State Natural Area offers many hiking trails and outdoor activities as well as camping during the night, which can be combined with stargazing.

San Antonio also offers many educational resources that help understand the universe better. Scobee Education Center has a planetarium open to the public on Friday evenings. Meanwhile, the Curtis Vaughan Jr. Observatory hosts First Friday Stargazing and Friday Nights Celestial Lights during the Spring and Fall months.

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