Best time to travel to Austin, TX

Stargazing in Austin, TX

The state capital of Texas has prepared a lot of interesting spots for stargazing fans

Attracting plenty of tourists and offering many fun things to do, Austin is one of the most popular cities in Texas. Some people visit Austin because of the live music scene, others because of Austin’s restaurants, bars, and breweries. And a lot of people head to Austin to enjoy the beauty of space from Earth.

Yes, stargazing is one of the most sought-after things people love doing in the state capital of Texas. The best time to go stargazing in Austin is from April to May and September to October. Keep reading to find top spots for stargazing in and around this city.

Star Parties at the University of Texas

Everyone loves parties, and stargazing fans throw their own top-notch parties. The University of Texas hosts star parties on the roof of its Robert Lee Moore Hall every Wednesday night. If you have any questions, their Department of Astronomy will be happy to help you out. People of all ages are welcome to see the stars.

Blanco State Park

Sometimes, it isn’t very easy to see the stars in the city due to plenty of city lights. But don’t worry, Austin offers you a lot of spots located just a few miles away from downtown, and Blanco State Park is one of them. The park is located an hour from Austin in the city of Blanco. You can camp there and visit an annual party called Stars in the Park. Feel free to get more details on the official website in the External Resources section below.

The Roughs

The Roughs, also known as McKinney Roughs, are located half an hour drive away from Austin in Cedar Creek. The park features a huge no-light area, making it really easy to stargaze. Also, it hosts star parties several times throughout the year. To get more information, check out their website in the External Resources section below.

Fountainwood Observatory

What’s one of the best places for stargazing in any city? Right, an observatory. And Austin’s neighboring city has a great one to offer. The Fountainwood Observatory has a top-quality reflecting telescope, which students use for their investigations and studies. It’s located at Southwestern University in the city of Georgetown near Austin. The telescope is free to use.

More parks

Parks are the best places to see the stars. All you need is your car, a blanket, good weather, and that's it! Here are some parks near Austin worth visiting: the Friendship Park, the Pedernales Falls State Park, the Mansfield Dam Park, the Inks Lake State Park. Choose the one you like more and head off to your next adventure.

Practical info

When is stargazing in Austin most enjoyable?

Stargazing in Austin is a year-round activity, but the optimal periods are from April to May and September to October. During these months, the clear skies and mild weather provide ideal stargazing conditions suitable for outdoor activities and camping. Show more

Is seeing stars possible in Austin despite the city lights?

Austin is notorious for light pollution making it challenging to appreciate the mesmerizing night sky. However, there are great spots outside of town where optimal stargazing conditions exist. McKinney Roughs, a half-hour drive from Austin, is one such area with huge 'no-light' zone, enabling breathtaking stargazing experiences. Blanco State Park, located in Blanco, is another top-rated spot for stargazing enthusiasts. Show more

Where and when can one find star parties outside of Austin?

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate either Blanco State Park or McKinney Roughs star parties, taking place annually, that are open to all. It is best to confirm the exact event dates available on their websites since they change every year. Georgetown's Southwestern University's Fountainwood Observatory is another stargazing option that provides a reflecting telescope for use at no cost. Show more

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