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Best season to travel to Borneo

Asam Embang (Mawang) or Jungle Mango

This huge type of mango can be tasted and enjoyed only in Borneo


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It doesn't look like a typical mango, and you will probably not want to eat it judging by the brownish, thick skin. Nevertheless, put your superstitions aside and go for this delicious type of mango.

This fruit has several names though typically you'll hear mawang, bambangan, or embawang—all meaning the same thing. It grows only in the Malaysian part of Borneo in the provinces of Sarawak and Sabah, and it is that famous because of the size. Sometimes ripe mawang can reach up to two kilogrammes.

The yellow flesh is very sweet and aromatic when the fruits start falling down from the tree. Another feature of a ripe fruit is when the star marking on the skin turns reddish. Mawangs can be eaten raw, but they also taste great when cooked with fish and chillies. The season of mawangs is between January and February and July to August.

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