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Claude Monet's House & Gardens in Giverny in France

Observe the famous lily pond in the painting and in reality

Claude Monet's House & Gardens in Giverny
Claude Monet's House & Gardens in Giverny

The life of Claude Monet was stormy and full of hardships. In 1895, at the age of 55 years old, Monet bought the Jardin d’Eau (or Water Garden). This place in Giverny became his home for the last years of his life and was the inspired background for his famous paintings of the lily pond and Japanese bridge.

The artist was fond of flowers and his house was placed in the middle of paradise. The changing seasons could always be observed: spring daffodils, tulips, rhododendrons, and irises would be replaced by poppies, lilies, roses and sweet peas in summer, and then by dahlias, sunflowers and hollyhocks in autumn. All of these flowers can be seen on Monet’s masterpieces. Nowadays, both house and garden have been transformed into a museum.

Claude Monet’s house and gardens are open to visitors during the blooming season, from late March all the way up to November 1st.

Practical info

When is the best time to go to Claude Monet's Giverny house?

Claude Monet's house and gardens in Giverny are open to visitors from late March until November 1st. It's the blooming season and the perfect time to view his artistic works based on his love for changing seasons and flowers. Booking early is advised to avoid disappointment as it can get crowded. Show more

Where can you find Giverny?

Giverny is a rural commune in the Normandy region of northern France and known as the residence of French impressionist painter Claude Monet. It's located on the right bank of the River Seine, almost 80 kilometers northwest of Paris. Giverny is easily accessible by train from Paris and other French cities. Show more

What inspired Monet to create his painting of lily pond and Japanese bridge?

Claude Monet painted his famous lily pond and Japanese bridge from his inspiration derived from flowers and nature. He created this beautiful water garden in Giverny, which became a perfect spot for his art. Visitors can experience walking on the same paths as Monet did and witness the inspiration behind his captivating works of art. Show more

Which flowers are in bloom during summer in Monet's garden?

The summer season brings a variety of colorful flowers to Claude Monet's garden, including sweet peas, poppies, lilies, and roses. The garden showcases flowers from many of Monet's paintings, and visitors can see the design and beauty of each plant in person. The garden also has stunning water lilies, which are the highlight of Monet's famous painting. The garden preserves its natural beauty with its vibrant flowers and well-maintained lawns. Show more

Is the Jardin d'Eau still preserved as Monet left it, or has it been modified?

The Jardin d'Eau, also known as the Water Garden, was purchased by Claude Monet in 1895. It still stands today and has been well preserved in its original state where visitors can explore the garden and take in the same views Monet once did. The garden is now a museum and educational center dedicated to sharing the life and works of the renowned artist. Visitors can also tour Monet's home, which has been restored and preserved to its original condition. Show more

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