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Yellowstone Sand Verbena

If you are looking for some of the rarest plants in the world, there is one in this park. Come and find out about this mysterious flower


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The Yellowstone National park is home to some unique endemic species that can be found only here and nowhere else in the world. A small beautiful flower that grows only in the park—Yellowstone Sand Verbena—can be found along the shores of the Yellowstone Lake and several other areas.

Yellowstone Sand Verbena in Yellowstone National Park - Best Season 2020

It is a trailing, branched plant with sticky stems and many small white flowers. Yellowstone sand verbena survives during the long and cold winters and uses every sunny day to bloom and reproduce. Perhaps it is supported by the thermal activity in the park. The pollination is mainly provided by bumblebees and moths. It blooms from mid-June till the first frost.

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