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Best time to travel to Yellowstone National Park


Follow the song of a bull moose during the mating season. But watch out and don't come too close!

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In the last 40 years, the number of moose has declined, but still you can find around 200 individuals living in the territory of Yellowstone Park. These are the largest animals of the deer family. Males weigh around 450 kg and are 1.6-2.2 metres high at the shoulder. Their lifespan is around 20 years. You can see them along the rivers and near lakes.

In Yellowstone moose are spotted in forested areas and willow flats. They are well adapted to survival in the deep snow that appears in Greater Yellowstone. Moose are mainly seen alone or in small families. But during the rut season, from late September till early October, things change. At this time bulls and cows call for each other, and this can be heard from a distance of 500 m.

Although these animals aren't aggressive, during the mating season they can be quite dangerous, especially bulls. One more curious fact about the rut is the changing of habitat. During the rest of the year, bulls stay on higher elevations, while cows with calves stay closer to water in the lowlands. When the rut season comes, moose bulls leave their constant habitat and rove the forests, lowlands, and wetlands searching for cows.

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