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Orchid Bloom in Kenya

One of the most beautiful flowers on Earth, an orchid is the biggest product at the Kenyan flower market

Orchid Bloom
Orchid Bloom
Orchid Bloom

Flowers with large yellow, green and red petals are everywhere.You can see them in the wild at forest edges. And also in Kenya there are also plenty of farms that grow the flowers for commercial purpose. Visit Kenya now, to see the flowers in full bloom in gardens as well as in the wild nature.

Practical info

What is the peak season to witness the orchid bloom in Kenya?

In Kenya, orchids typically bloom from June through December during the cool and dry weather. The bloom provides a beautiful sight and a perfect time for visitors to explore the wilderness. One should check the weather forecast before planning a trip to avoid any inconvenience. Show more

Where can we find these orchids – in the wild or in commercial farms?

Kenya has orchids available in both natural habitats and commercial farms. Forest edges and commercial farms are the best places to find these flowers. Visitors can explore gardens, nurseries, and farms to witness the mesmerizing beauty of these orchids. Show more

What are the other popular flowers found in Kenya?

Kenya is famous for its diverse flora, and it has many popular flowers found in the wild or commercial plantations. Roses, lilies, and bird of paradise are some of the popular flowers found in Kenya. Protea, hibiscus, and carnations can also be seen in various parks, nurseries, and flower markets. Show more

How long does it take for orchids to bloom?

The maturity and blooming time of orchids depend on several factors, including species and environmental conditions. Typically, orchids take two to three years to reach maturity, and the blooming season lasts for a few weeks to several months, depending on the species. The color and size of the flowers may also vary accordingly. Show more

What is the traditional significance of orchids in Kenya?

In Kenya, orchids have an intriguing significance, especially in traditional medicine. The local inhabitants use these flowers to cure various diseases and health issues, including respiratory and digestive problems. Orchids are also used as decoration during traditional events and weddings held in Kenya. Show more

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