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Jacaranda Tree in Madagascar

Purple crowns, purple floral snow and purple carpets – the privileges of Jacaranda trees

Best time: mid-September–mid-November

Jacaranda Tree

Lake Anosy located in the capital Antananarivo is surrounded by purple blossom in September. Jacaranda trees growing around the lake seem rather ordinary until their blooming season when they become densely covered with luxurious purple flowers with a touch of blue.

They bloom throughout November, forming purple carpets on the streets and on the lake’s surface afterwards. Jacaranda trees thrive in sandy soils, mainly in the highlands, they require lots of sun and are abundant in warm climates. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, however, it is not so frequently observed in Madagascar, except for Anosy lake in Tana.

Practical info

When is the perfect time to witness the blooming of Jacaranda trees in Madagascar?

The Jacaranda trees in Madagascar bloom from mid-September to mid-November. The stunning purple-blue flowers form a dense carpet on the streets and lake's surface, particularly in Tana's Anosy lake. Sandy soils in the highlands are ideal for these trees to thrive. They usually flourish in warm weather and sufficient sunlight. Show more

Can we find Jacaranda trees in other parts of Madagascar outside the Lake Anosy area?

Jacaranda trees are scarce in Madagascar, with few found outside the Antananarivo capital's Lake Anosy district. However, it may still be possible to spot them near the highlands in regions with sandy soils and warm climates. Jacaranda trees are present in many places, including Andasibe, Antsirabe, Atsimo Atsinana, and other highland areas. Show more

How have Jacaranda trees earned its recognition as an icon of Madagascar?

Although Jacaranda trees are not official national symbols of Madagascar, it is still considered a prevailing feature of the country. The magnificent flowers that fall and create beautiful carpets have won the hearts of Malagasy people. Antananarivo's Lake Anosy is a well-known place for this beautiful view, attracting many tourists every year. Show more

What other types of plants can we see around Anosy Lake besides the Jacaranda trees?

Anosy Lake's floral life is diverse, and it is not limited to Jacaranda trees. Visitors can enjoy green scenery surrounding the lake when Jacaranda flowers are out of season. Various plants, including Bougainvillea, Anthemis, Citrus, may be present. Trees, such as Eucalyptus and Bamboo, are also common in the area. Show more

Is it possible to nurture a Jacaranda tree in our backyard? What conditions are necessary for its growth?

Jacaranda trees can be cultivated for ornamental purposes and can flourish in our backyards. However, they grow best in tropical and subtropical regions that are warm and sunny, with sandy soils in the highlands. Proper watering and nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium plant food, must be provided regularly to boost their growth and health. Appropriate pruning must be done to maintain their shape and get rid of dead branches. Show more

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