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Twittering of colorful birds fills Malagasy rainforests


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Whereas southern and western birding hotspots are rewarding all round the year, the eastern rainforest’s feathered inhabitants are more capricious. From May till mid August birds there seem to be quite furtive, it is hardly possible to hear them at all. Between late August and late December they are on the contrary conspicuously active, especially in the early morning before the daybreak. Morning rains do not deter them from cheerful chirping, so do not hesitate to visit rainforests in the rain. Masoala National Park, Perinet Reserve, Mantadia National Park and Ranomafana National Park boast the greatest number of rare birds. The most notable are Red-breasted Coua, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Madagascar Red Owl, Wool-rail, Flufftail, Collared Nightjar, Velvet Asity, Common Sunbird Asity, Gray-crowned Greenbul, Pollen’s Vanga and many more unique birds. In general, 265 bird species find their sanctuary in Malagasy eastern rainforests, western tropical forests and southern spiny bush forests. About half of them are endemic to Madagascar. In addition to the three listed climate zones, birding itineraries also involve accessible marshes, estuaries and lakes.

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