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Madagascar perfect waves invite for a breathtaking surfing experience

Surfing in warm waters of the Ambinanibe Ballade, teeming with sharks, rip currents and rocks arising in the paths of breaking waves surely leaves unforgettable impression. The beaches of this surfing spot offer other kinds of entertainment, such as a visit to the botanical park or participation in the local cultural rituals including dancing and drumming. For those who prefer less crowded surf spots south eastern coast offers a few more locations, namely Libanona Beach, Evatra, Monseigneur Bay and Fort Dauphin. Surfing season coincides with Madagascan winter months: from July to October.

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What is the best time to go surfing in Madagascar?

Surfing in Madagascar is best between July and October, during Madagascan winter. Consistent waves and offshore winds characterize the south-eastern coast and Ambinanibe Ballade during this period. Between September and November, intermediate to expert surfers can enjoy bigger waves. Show more

Where is the best place to go surfing in Madagascar?

Ambinanibe Ballade, in Madagascar's north, offers the best surfing experience. The waves are perfect, but there are hazards such as sharks, rip currents, and rocks. Visitors can also enjoy surrounding rainforests, botanical parks, and cultural experiences such as dancing and drumming. Show more

What are the water conditions like at Ambinanibe Ballade?

At Ambinanibe Ballade, water conditions are clear, warm, and feature strong swells and offshore winds. This surfing spot is well known for perfect waves, but surfers must navigate rip currents, rocks, and sharks. Natural beauty and the unique surfing conditions combine for an unforgettable experience. Show more

When can visitors participate in the local cultural rituals?

Visitors can participate in local cultural rituals in Ambinanibe Ballade from July to October, during the surfing season. The locals enjoy sharing their traditions, and cultural activities include dancing, drumming, and other experiences that celebrate the lifestyle in this part of Madagascar. For more traditional fishing, visitors may travel to Monseigneur Bay, located in the south-eastern coast. Show more

Are there any safety precautions that should be taken while surfing in Madagascar?

Safety precautions while surfing in Madagascar include bringing a buddy to avoid being alone while in the water. Be careful to avoid sharks, rip currents, and rocks in the surf. Additionally, wear a wetsuit to deter stinging jellyfish the waters surrounding Madagascar. Finally, local surf instructors can share valuable insights into surf and weather conditions, as well as the optimal times for safe surfing. Show more

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