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Beer Day 2021

There's a thing called the Beer Day in numerous countries around the world, but Icelandic one has an interesting story behind it

No wonder that the Icelanders love to celebrate Beer Day, everyone would be if they had almost a century-long prohibition of beer import. The Spanish started it all! They prohibited the import of fish from Iceland, and the Icelanders struck back. No alcohol, no wine, no beer—what a sad story. When in 1989 the prohibition ended, the locals were so happy a new holiday emerged was manifested in imbibing the drink in various restaurants, bars, and clubs. From that time on, on March 1st, there is a celebration that features the infamous bar crawls or „runtur, “a prevalent way of getting acquainted with the various bars and beers in this city. Many of them stay open until 4:00 a.m. the next day, where everyone can join and party.

The bars, clubs, and restaurants located in Reykjavík, the largest city and the capital of Iceland, get especially wild on Beer Day. The legalization of beer remains a major seismic shift in the nation’s alcoholic beverage preferenceб and a cultural turning point in Iceland. Today, beer is considered to be the most popular alcoholic beverage.

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