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Kerid Crater Lake in Iceland

An unusual caldera lake stuns with its beauty

Best time: May–October

Kerid Crater Lake
Kerid Crater Lake
Kerid Crater Lake

The aquamarine colour of the lake surrounded by red volcanic rock is what makes it so unique. Kerid or Kerið Lake is located in the Grímsnes area in South Iceland. The area boasts several crater lakes in the area, which is called Iceland's Western Volcanic Zone. The caldera, 55 m (180 ft) deep and 170 m (560 ft) wide, is composed of a rare red volcanic rock. Kerid's caldera is approximately 3,000 years old, which is relatively young in comparison to other volcanic formations in the area.

One wall of the crater is covered with moss, so one can descend relatively easily. The lake itself is quite shallow (7–14 m), and boasts surreal blue water due to its high mineral content.

The Kerid volcano could have formed when the magma exhausted itself, creating an empty chamber beneath. The lake is usually visited along tours of the Golden Circle. It's located 15 km north of Selfoss.

The nicest time to visit is from May through October. In summer the area is the most scenic with blue water, red volcanic walls, and green moss. While in winter the lake freezes and the ground is covered with snow.

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When is the ideal time to explore Kerid Crater Lake in Iceland?

The best time to visit Kerid Crater Lake in Iceland is from May to October. During summer, the area displays an incomparable beauty with blue water, red volcanic walls, and green moss. In winter, the lake freezes and the ground is blanketed with snow, providing a different experience of viewing the frozen blue water and snowy surroundings. Therefore, summer is perfect for exploration due to its picturesque background. Show more

In which region of Iceland is Kerid Crater Lake located?

Kerid Crater is based in South Iceland's Grímsnes area, at approximately 15 km distance from Selfoss. The region includes several crater lakes in the Western Volcanic Zone of Iceland, which explains the popularity of Kerid as a destination that does not lack attention. The location presents an exceptional view of Iceland's geology, with the interplay of red volcanic rock, blue water, and green moss. These mesmerizing features make Kerid a famous spot for tourists and nature-lovers alike. Show more

What is unique about Kerid Lake?

Kerid Crater Lake has an extraordinary feature resulting from the rare red volcanic rocks surrounding the blue water lake. The caldera exposed from the top is not more than 55 meters deep and 170 meters wide, making it a relatively minor volcano. The lake displays surreal blue water whose high mineral content provides its unique coloration. Further, visitors can explore one side of the crater covered by green moss and freely descend into the area, making it an exciting natural attraction for all to witness. Show more

What is the depth of Kerid Crater Lake's caldera?

With a diameter of 170 meters and an approximate depth of 55 meters, Kerid Crater Lake's caldera is comparably shallow to the other volcanic formations in the region. Interestingly, the relatively new caldera of only 3,000 years consists of the rare red volcanic rock that forms the rim. The contrasting combination of the blue water in the lake, the green moss on one of the walls and the red volcanic rocks make Keri a unique and remarkable destination for any nature enthusiast. Show more

What makes Kerid Crater Lake's water appear surreal blue in color?

Kerid Crater Lake's water displays an unusual surreal blue color from its high mineral content. The dissolved minerals provide the aquamarine hue that contrasts uniquely with the red volcanic rocks of the caldera, resulting in a captivating natural attraction. Its shallow nature allows sunlight to reach the lake floor, providing more excellent visibility and irradiating the bright blue color in a resonating way. Visitors can observe the full beauty of the lake during summer when the water is generally brighter and adds to the attractiveness of the area. Show more

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