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Best time to travel to Iceland


Experience Icelandic highlands famous for astounding and breathtaking untouched nature

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Featuring many unique geological elements, this magical place resembles nothing else on earth. Rock mountains with a full spectrum of dazzling colours, pristine and pure rivers, steaming lava fields and glaciers amaze hikers.

There is also an opportunity to relax tired muscles in bubbling hot springs. This area is known worldwide as a hiker's dreamland!

The famed hiking route stretches 55 kilometres, connecting Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork with the altitude above 600 metres. There are plenty of hiking options to choose from. There are very few huts to sleep in and limited campsites though.

Landmannalaugar is also one of the best places in Iceland to see the northern lights In the end of August and September. Every step of Landmannalaugar trek surprises with surreal beauty of Iceland, rightly obtained a title of one of Iceland’s crown jewels.

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