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Sea Angling in Reykjavik

A sea angling trip means a 100% fishing success and delicious fresh fish barbecue on board

Best time: May–mid-September

Sea Angling

Icelandic sea waters teem with fish, and waters surrounding the capital city are no exception. You shouldn't worry about previous fishing experience—special sea angling tours promise a pretty good catch for every angler, including beginner. Most often they are rewarded with cod, haddock, halibut, pollock, and rockfish. Fresh fish is barbecued for you right on the board. However, you can also take it away if you wish to boast about your catch in front of friends.

Sea angling trips are seasonal, and start in mid-April or more often in May and are available until the end of September. Boats set off from Reykjavik's Old Harbor, and head out to Faxaflói Bay. Fishing equipment and protective clothing are provided. Kids under seven have free entrance.

Practical info

When is a good time to go on a sea angling trip in Reykjavik?

The ideal time to enjoy sea angling trips in Reykjavik is from May to mid-September. Tourists should book trips with the operators to confirm the trip schedule as the trips are seasonal. During this time, the sea waters are stable, and the climate mild, enabling a safe and comfortable trip. These trips offer a unique fishing experience in the abundant waters of Reykjavik, with a chance to catch and eat cod, pollock, haddock, halibut, and rockfish. Show more

Which location do the sea angling trips start from?

The sea angling trips originate from Reykjavik's Old Harbor, a central location easily accessible from most places in the city. The harbor proceeds to Faxaflói Bay, famous for its rich fish population, creating a perfect opportunity for angling. Several operators offer sea angling trips from the harbor. Visitors should inquire about the schedule, departure time, and other crucial trip details while booking. Show more

What kind of fish is caught during the trip?

Sea waters surrounding Reykjavik offer an extensive range of fish species available for angling. Cod, haddock, halibut, pollock, and rockfish are primarily caught during a sea angling trip. The fresh-caught fish is often barbequed on-board and served to visitors as a unique culinary experience. Fishing enthusiasts can take the cooked fish away if they intend to prepare it themselves. Show more

Do the operators provide fishing equipment and protective clothing for the trip?

Yes, tour operators usually provide functional fishing gear such as fishing rods, bait, life jackets, and necessary protective clothing. Tourists are advised to dress warmly for the trip duration, wearing waterproof jackets, hats, and gloves to withstand unpredictable Iceland weather. Sunglasses and sunscreen may also come in handy during the brighter days. Show more

Can kids join the sea angling trip, and will the trip be suitable for all age groups?

Sea angling trips are great for visitors of all ages. Children under the age of seven can join free of charges, provided with the necessary fishing gear. Trips require no previous fishing experience, making it the perfect family activity. Visitors should note that the boats can be rocky, inducing motion sickness. Necessary precautions should be taken where applicable. Show more

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