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A unique resident of Texas, quite different and interesting to observe. One of them has even become a state symbol


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Texas is a state which has a lot of reptiles. The Texas alligator lizard is a medium-sized lizard, with a total body length (including tail) around 64 cm. This lizard is considered to be the largest lizard species in Texas and one of the largest of its kind in the world. The Texas spiny lizard is native to the states of Texas and Oklahoma. They are about 19–28 cm in total length. Their long toes and sharp claws are very suitable for climbing.

The Texas horned lizard is a state symbol. It can be found in the area from Colorado and Kansas to northern Mexico, and from southeastern Arizona to Texas. They are the most widely distributed, with about 14 species in the western United States and Mexico. Texas horned lizards get their name for the crown of horns on their heads. These reptiles have large bodies, but their length is only 69 mm on average​. The biggest of this kind is 94 m​m for males and 114 mm for females.

Horned lizards prefer to move very little, but they can move quite fast if they feel some danger. They are excellent diggers, especially when there is a need to hide and escape some threat. Texas horned lizards can be found in the Panhandle region of Texas.

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