Best time to visit Tasmania

Truffle Season in Tasmania 2024

Hunt for the world's finest truffles in Tasmania's rainforests

Best time: mid-June–July

Recently, Tasmania has become one of the most important Truffle destinations across the globe. With its unusual for Europe seasoning, you can find truffles in the middle of June. The best place to try them out is an annual Tasmanian Truffle Festival in Launceston, usually taking place in July, where you'll have a chance to get a sniffing dog of your own, find your very first truffle and learn how to cook it properly.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tasmania for truffle hunting?

Truffle hunting season in Tasmania falls within mid-June and July. Tasmania has numerous farms and forests with diverse microclimates that offer ample opportunities to hunt for truffles. Visitors can experience the thrill of the hunt while exploring different parts of the region. Show more

Where in Tasmania can you find truffles?

Truffles in Tasmania can be found in areas such as North-West, North-East, Southern forests, Exeter, Tamar Valley, Coal River Valley, Southern Midlands, and Huon Valley. Grown for their unique aroma and flavour, Tasmanian truffles are renowned worldwide among food enthusiasts. Show more

What is the Tasmanian Truffle Festival, and when does it take place?

Held in Launceston, the Tasmanian Truffle Festival is an annual event that provides visitors with opportunities to learn more about truffles and their unique characteristics. The festival, usually held in July, offers different activities such as guided truffle hunts, artisanal tastings, cooking masterclasses, as well as truffle-related product showcases. Show more

How can you train a dog to be a truffle-hunting companion?

Truffle hunting dogs typically undergo an intensive training program with synthetic truffle oil at the beginning. Synthetic truffle oil has a scent just like truffles, thus when introduced to real truffle scents, the dog can identify and pick up the scent of the truffles. With extensive training, these dogs develop a high level of consistency in truffle hunting, making them perfect truffle hunting companions. Show more

What are some traditional Tasmanian truffle dishes you can prepare at home?

Tasmanian truffles can be used to prepare many dishes that feature their unique aroma and taste. These include black truffle salt on popcorn, truffle risotto, truffle butter steak, scrambled eggs with truffle and parmesan cheese, as well as mushroom and truffle gnocchi. Preparing these dishes at home is simple, and they offer an opportunity to indulge in the rich taste and aroma of Tasmanian truffles. Show more

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