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Local bakers engage in an unofficial competition for the best mooncake—do them a favour and go mooncake crawling


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Mooncake is a special treat offered in every Singaporean hotel, cafe or restaurant during the Mid-Autumn Festival held in the period between August and September. Bakers passionately try to outdo their rivals and please customers with the best sample of Chinese pastry, trying hard to create the cake with unique flavor, coloring and packaging. Thus, this popular delicacy comes in various colors and tastes. At the same time, some features remain unchanged, in particular, ​its round shape and medium size.

Regardless of the countless ​varieties, traditional mooncake is distinguished by baked crust, the treat is made of sweet lotus seed paste or red bean and a pair of duck or chicken egg yolks. Yolk is actually an obligatory ingredient symbolizing full moon. Mooncakes usually have flowers or other symbols imprinted on th​e surface representing prosperity and harmony. You may crawl through Singapore and try a great number of mooncakes the city offers. ​​

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