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Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival 2024

Celebration in the name of mystery and glory of the moon

Dates: September 23-24, 2024

Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival
Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival
Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival
Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

For ages, the moon has been an object of human curiosity. In Asian celestial cosmology, the moon represents yin. In other words—the female principle. So as the moon was considered feminine during ancient autumn moon festivals, women took mid-position, which made them exclusive to take part in Moon event rituals on the full moon night. When the full moon appeared, women kept making offerings of fruit, candles, flowers, incense, and mooncakes.

The Chinese community of San Francisco keeps the traditions. The annual San Francisco Chinatown non-profit street fair that takes place in September or October and celebrates the traditional Moon Festival. The fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar shows the day when the moon is bright and full, which means it is a high time to celebrate!

The festival started as a way to recover thrill of joy in the district after the earthquake in far 1989. The bright and colorful event of Autumn Moon includes endless cultural demonstrations, costumed artisans, lion dances, giant puppets, mooncakes, Asian entertainment, arts, and crafts vendors. All activities are held along Grant Avenue, between California Street and Broadway, in the heart of SF Chinatown.

The best place to watch the parade is near the end. As a bonus, the area usually offers non-stop entertainment such as acrobats, martial artists, dancers, and performances weekend long.

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