Best time to visit Argentina

Beach Season

Argentina's wide range of beaches attract visitors to its eastern coast washed by the Atlantic


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From luxury resorts and spa retreats to wild secluded beaches—Argentina offers all kinds of vacations. The best weather conditions last from December through February. But mind that summer is also the most popular season among vacationing Argentinians, so it tends to be incredibly busy.

Beach Season in Argentina - Best Season 2020

Mar del Plata is surrounded by rolling hills from one side and 17km of coastline from the other. With its 24-hour nightlife and entertainment, it is no doubt among the best options. Golfing, scuba diving, surfing, boat trips, and fishing—everything is available.

Puerto Quequen, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 2020
Puerto Quequen, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

The Pinamar coastline offers a beautiful combination of beaches with boutique hotels, luxurious restaurants and spas, and beautiful pine forests. This destination is very trendy among Buenos Aires residents because the spot is located only a 3-hour drive from the capital. Next to it, there is Cariló, a picturesque place with maintained resorts that are not cheap.

Punta Medanos, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 2020
Punta Medanos, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

As for Patagonia beaches, most of them are too chilly for sunbathing or swimming at any time of the year. There are some warmer spots though. One of the most popular beaches known for its unspoiled nature is Las Grutas. The beaches there have some of the purest white sand and warmest waters you’ll find along the coastline of Argentina. Wildlife is another benefit of this location. Watch whales from June through December, penguins from September through April, and elephant seals and sea lions throughout the whole year.

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