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Burrowing Owl Nesting Season

These very pretty birds with big yellow eyes make their nests deep underground


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The burrowing owl is the only species of the Strigidae family who "build" underground burrows for nesting. That's how they got their name. Interestingly, they use old holes and tunnels of other animals such as ground squirrels or skunks.

Usually burrowing owls arrange their nest-sites making it bigger and cleaner located close to a road, in bare ground, or in grazed pastures at a higher level. Some owls bring horse and cow manure to line the floor of their underground hole because the smell of the manure can protect them from any predators that live around.

This owl isn't afraid of people, so they have been found in residential areas, for example in Caleta Valdes and Punta Delgada districts. However, some of these birds might be also found nesting in the caves of Patagonia. As a rule, burrowing owls are nocturnal, though they are also active during the day.

During the breeding season, males hunt and bring food to the female when caring for offspring. He catches the prey by only one foot carrying it to their chicks to feed. Usually, the burrowing owl females lay 6-11 eggs and stay with the chicks for a month to care. The breeding season of burrowing owls in Argentina occurs between October and December.

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