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Patagonian Cormorants

Check out four local shag species while they are nesting in colonies along Argentina's coastline


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Argentina is home to four species of shags including the most wide-spread Imperial Cormorant, Rock Cormorant, Neotropic Cormorant, and Red-legged Cormorant. The birds reside along the coastline and Patagonia. However, one would rarely spot them in large numbers outside of nesting season that runs from October to February. Imperial shags must be the most impressive—thousands of cormorant pairs build their nests side by side right on the beach creating quite a surreal spectacle to observe.

Rock shag is another popular species found on rocky cliffs, hence comes the name "rock cormorants." In fact, Rock cormorants are adapted to both earth and water. Rock cormorants have webbed feet which help them to move in the water quickly. In Argentina, their home is the Patagonian region, particularly the coasts of Punta Loma and Golfo Nuevo.

Generally, cormorants are very caring parents. After the birth of the chicks, the parents care for them alternately: one stays in the nest, the other searches for food. Watching the birds in their natural environment is a true delight.

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