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Tea Harvest in Argentina 2024-2025

Argentine tea is a product of excellent quality and gives a heavy infusion with an earthy taste

Best time: November–April

Tea Harvest
Tea Harvest

The southernmost tea in the world is grown in Argentina. Two types of tea—black and green—are produced here. Due to the subtropical climate, Argentina has ideal conditions to grow a hybrid of Indian and Assamica tea bushes.

The largest cultivated areas are in the province of Misiones and Corrientes where there are the best ecological conditions for the development of tea.

Tea harvesting is carried out from November to April. Collecting tea leaves is an art that is of great importance and requires precision and methodology. Traditionally, women collect tea leaves and men take care of plants.

Green tea is moderate and fresh. Black tea has a stronger taste and aroma. Argentines like mate, a traditional tonic herbal drink. It is specially brewed with leaves and twigs of Paraguayan holly and consumed in a specific way. Traditionally, mate is drunk from a special vessel, 'calabash,' through a special straw called a 'bombilla.' Mate is available year round.

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