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Skiing and Snowboarding in the Andes in Argentina

A ski trip to Argentina is especially nice for those who miss snow in Northern Hemisphere

Skiing and Snowboarding in the Andes
Skiing and Snowboarding in the Andes

The glaciers of the Andes offer a combination of good skiing and an interesting excursion. Argentina's skiing season lasts approximately from June to September. Therefore, if it is summer in your country, pack your bags and head for the Andes!

At this time of year, there is steady snow on the southern spurs of the Andes. The infrastructure of the ski resorts is well developed: everything from hotels to ski lifts is maintained in very good condition. The mountains near the city of San Carlos de Bariloche are often called "Argentine Switzerland" for the extraordinary beauty of nature, delicious chocolate, and rich nightlife.

Cerro Catedral was one of the first ski resorts of the continent. There is a snow park with a platform for freestyle and snowboarding, long ski trails, and modern lifts of all types at this resort. Las Lenias is a popular place for virgin snow. Cerro-Castor bears the proud title of the world's southernmost ski resort and in addition the youngest in Argentina. You can also visit the ski centers of San Antonio, San Bernardo, La Canaleta, Puente del Inka, Las Cuevas, Vallesitos, and Las Lecas.

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When should you visit Andes region in Argentina if you want to ski or snowboard?

To ski or snowboard in the Andes region of Argentina, the ideal time to visit is during June to September, which is winter in the region. Snowfall is constant on the Southern spurs of the Andes during this season, and visitors can take advantage of the well-developed and maintained ski resorts in the area. Show more

Which ski resorts are more popular and known in the Andes near San Carlos de Bariloche?

Cerro Catedral, Las Lenias, and Cerro-Castor are the most renowned ski resorts situated in the Andes close to San Carlos de Bariloche. Cerro Catedral is equipped with a platform for freestyle and snowboarding, and modern lifts and long ski trails. Visitors are attracted to Las Lenias due to its virgin snow, and Cerro-Castor is remarkable for being the world's southernmost and youngest ski location. Show more

What is Cerro-Castor and where is it located?

Cerro-Castor is the youngest ski resort and the southernmost point globally, located in Argentina's Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province. Skiers visiting Cerro-Castor can take in beautiful, uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape from slopes that sit at almost 1,050 meters. It is unique as it remains open into the fall months, which is usually not possible in other ski resorts in Argentina. Show more

What other activities are available in the area for visitors who don't ski?

For those who do not ski, there are numerous activities to take advantage of in the Andes region, such as scenic flights that showcase the splendid Andes mountains. Visitors can trek through national parks in Patagonia or enjoy rides on husky sleds, snowmobiles, or snowshoes during the winter months. San Carlos de Bariloche is a fantastic destination for visitors seeking nightlife, with chocolate factories and clubs in the charming town. Show more

Is there anything cultural to experience in the Andes region besides skiing during the winter season?

For travelers interested in exploring the culture of the Andean region, the 'Casa de Te' in Patagonia provides opportunities to sip local tea, mate, and learn about the region's lifestyle and culture. Visitors can also explore the indigenous culture of southern Argentina by visiting Mapuche communities where they can learn about weaving textiles, medicinal herbs, and spiritualism, among other ancient traditions. Show more

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