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Trekking in Bariloche

Bariloche is rightly called "South American Switzerland" and is ideal for trekking


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Bariloche is the real pride of Argentina. By the beauty of its landscapes, Bariloche is often compared to the Alpine region of Europe.

The climate of the Bariloche area is determined mainly by the height. From Late November into December there is still a lot of snow, but the mountain shelters are open and the trails to them via the high passes are accessible too.

The Argentine summer, which runs from December through March, is the best season for trekking in this region. Some mountain refuges are available between October to April; Refugio Frey is open year round. For trekking lovers, there are various interesting routes. Go hiking to Cerro Lopez for its famous Turista peak. The Cerro Ventana route includes visiting Lake Gutierrez, Lake Nahuel Huap, and some mountains—Mount Catedral, Mount Otto, and Mount Hut Frey—a favourite among hikers and rock climbers. Trekking through Cerro Tronador gives way to ancient glaciers, huge peaks, and natural waterfalls. Don't miss hiking to Catedral's South Peak, where you may spend some nights in a rock cave at high altitude. Every route is unique and exciting.

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