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Erythrina or Ceibo Flowers in Argentina 2024-2025

Enjoy the blooming of the cockspur coral tree with striking deep-red flowers during Argentina's summers

Best time: October–April (best November–February)

Erythrina or Ceibo Flowers
Erythrina or Ceibo Flowers

Lovely Erythrina or Ceibo as it is often called is the national flower of Argentina. Small red flowers appear on the coral trees from October to April. The trees have a particularly stunning look during the peak of the blooming season between November and February.

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What is the national flower of Argentina?

In Argentina, the Erythrina or Ceibo flower is the national flower, and it blooms in vivid shades of red during the summer months, particularly between November and February. These beautiful flowers are a source of significant pride for the people of Argentina and are a fundamental part of the country's cultural heritage. Show more

When is the best time to visit Argentina to see the Erythrina or Ceibo flowers in bloom?

To see Erythrina or Ceibo flowers at their best in Argentina, visit the country during the summer months between October and April. Witness these lovely flowers in full bloom between November and February to capture their full beauty and magnificence. Proper timing is crucial to make the most of your trip and experience the natural beauty of these gorgeous flowers. Show more

Where in Argentina can you see the Erythrina or Ceibo flowers?

The beautiful Erythrina or Ceibo flowers can be found in many parts of Argentina, including major cities like Buenos Aires. These gorgeous flowers bloom mostly in summer and are easily accessible in parks, gardens, and public spaces throughout the country. To enjoy the most enchanting view of these flowers, rural locations outside of the cities could provide a peaceful and authentic experience. Show more

What color are the Erythrina or Ceibo flowers in Argentina?

Erythrina or Ceibo flowers in Argentina exhibit vibrant shades of red, ranging in depth from rich crimson to vivid scarlet. Typically blooming throughout summer, these colorful flowers are easily noticeable in parks and gardens, providing a unique and exciting addition to the beautiful Argentine landscape. Show more

How long does the blooming season typically last for these flowers?

Erythrina or Ceibo flowers in Argentina bloom typically from October to April, peaking between November and February, creating a magnificent sight to behold. Observing these stunning flowers during blooming season is essential and planning your travels accordingly is critical to witness the bright and beautiful scenery that these flowers offer. Show more

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