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Bolivian birdlife is splendid from the lowland jungles and Amazon to the Andes and high altitude lagoons


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Bolivia's diversity of landscape results in a plentitude of birds. Madidi National Park showcases the wilderness of local jungles – here you are likely to spot lots of caracara falcons, macaws, and other parrots. The Bolivian highlands are home to the Andean Goose, Puna Ibis, Silvery Grebe, and Speckled Teal —​ during the dry season these birds gather around lagoons or lakes. Other birdwatching hotspots include the areas of Santa Cruz, Beni, La Paz, Cochabamba, Rurrenabaque, as well as Apolo. The high season for this activity is the dry period between May and December. This is not only because so many species gather near water, but also owing to better access to remote sites unavailable during rainy and muddy months.

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