Best time to visit Bolivia

Birdwatching in Bolivia

Bolivian birdlife is splendid from the lowland jungles and Amazon to the Andes and high altitude lagoons

Best time: May–December


Bolivia's diversity of landscape results in a plentitude of birds. Madidi National Park showcases the wilderness of local jungles – here you are likely to spot lots of caracara falcons, macaws, and other parrots. The Bolivian highlands are home to the Andean Goose, Puna Ibis, Silvery Grebe, and Speckled Teal —​ during the dry season these birds gather around lagoons or lakes. Other birdwatching hotspots include the areas of Santa Cruz, Beni, La Paz, Cochabamba, Rurrenabaque, as well as Apolo. The high season for this activity is the dry period between May and December. This is not only because so many species gather near water, but also owing to better access to remote sites unavailable during rainy and muddy months.

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What are some recommended sites for birdwatching in Bolivia?

Bolivia has a diverse landscape supporting a variety of bird species. Some of the ideal places for birdwatching include Madidi National Park, Santa Cruz, Beni, La Paz, Cochabamba, Rurrenabaque, and Apolo. Bird enthusiasts can spot endemic and migratory species like macaws, parrots, Andean geese, puna ibis, caracara falcons, silvery grebes, and speckled teals, depending on their respective habitats. Show more

Which birds are usually found in Madidi National Park?

Madidi National Park is a haven for biodiversity and is an excellent place to watch birds. Some of the birds that inhabit the park include macaws, parrots, caracara falcons that reside in the lowland jungles. It's located in the Amazon region, and bird enthusiasts are bound to encounter other wildlife species such as pink river dolphins, turtles, monkeys, and caimans in the park. Locals and visitors often appreciate the scenic natural beauty and the park's thriving flora and fauna. Show more

When is the best time for birdwatching in Bolivia?

Birdwatching in Bolivia is most enjoyable between May and December, during the dry period. This is when bird species converge near water sources, making them more visible to birders. Additionally, the dry season allows for easier access to remote regions that may be difficult to reach during the wet season. Specific regions in Bolivia have unique peak birdwatching periods, so it is wise to check the times when the birds you're interested in are most active in your preferred location. Show more

Which places are considered overlooked sites for birdwatching in Bolivia?

Bolivia offers several exciting and underrated birdwatching sites. Such sites include the tropical forest of Amazon Boliviano, the Santiago de Machaca communities close to the imposing Illampu mountain, Cotapata National Park near La Paz, and the Eastern region of Santa Cruz. Visitors to these locations can experience unique bird watching opportunities that are not as popular as other sites. This presents a chance for a speedy pace of discovering an array of rare bird species in these often-ignored locations. Show more

Which birds are unique to Bolivia's high-altitude lagoons?

Bolivia's high-altitude lagoons provide habitats for several bird species found only in this region. Such birds include puna ibis, Andean goose, silvery grebe, and speckled teal. These species have evolved to withstand the conditions of these high-altitude sites, making them a fascinating sight for bird watchers. The dry season is the ideal time to see these birds as they group around water sources. Along the sides of the many lagoons, bird enthusiasts can catch glimpses of them as they go about their daily activities. Show more

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