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Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire 2023

3 themed weekends with food, vendors, and live music

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Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire, or Utah Ren Fest, is an annual Renaissance event taking place in Marriott-Slaterville, 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City. Three spectacular themed weekends in May are filled with knightly equestrian shows, archery, fun games, food, and various exciting demonstrations.

The public can enjoy a jousting tournament, vaulting, and a great artisan market with merchants, entertainers, and performers. From gypsies and magicians to knights, fairies, and pirates, a blend of fantasy and historical characters creates a unique atmosphere in the village. With plenty of entertainment and educational activities, the immersive faire features royalty and their court, wondering minstrels, shoppes full of treasures, and multiple stages with shows. Every weekend, the public can see the Knightly Equestrian Games, illusion-performing magicians, Equestrian Archery demonstrations, and much more.

Attendees who come wearing costumes can get a discount at the gate. The festival runs from 10 am to 7 pm.

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