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Utah Valley Marathon 2023

Admire the unforgettable views during the run among green natural beauty

The annual Utah Valley Marathon was planned as a memorable running experience for charity. The creation belongs to a couple of friends and experienced marathon runners, Hyrum Oaks and Jeremiah West, who wondered why there wasn’t a marathon in Utah. A joke carried out by two soulmates became a reality when the Daily Herald agreed to support a marathon.

Being the fastest growing road race in the state of Utah, the event continues its improvement to make sure the runners will come back the next year. After a marathon, each participant receives a survey via e-mail because feedback helps to improve the experience. Changes are annually enhanced to offer racers the best running adventure.

The marathon begins at 6:00 AM on the first Saturday of June and its course runs through Utah and Wasatch Counties. The race starts in Wallsburg, heads southwest, follows the Deer Creek Reservoir, and reaches Provo Canyon. Then, the route continues along the Provo River until the finish line at the Utah County Courthouse Park in downtown Provo.

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