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Devil’s Slide

The most fascinating of Devil's Toys found in the area and one of the most unusual geologic features in Utah


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The Devil's slide in Utah is a unique natural phenomenon that has attracted curious passerby's for hundreds of years. The area around this formation used to be a shallow sea some 170-180 million years ago, which occupied the territory of today’s Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. A huge limestone chute of two parallel slabs of rock runs down the mountainside.

Once a large transcontinental river used to pass through this slide. The harder weather resistant limestone rocks stayed almost untouched, while softer shale layers were completely destroyed by the erosion, and as a result, we can observe a channel between two rocks today. The distance between the two slabs is around 7.6 m, they're both 12 m high and stretch for 6 km.

Devil's slide is located in the southern part of I-84 in Weber Canyon. This bizarre formation can be seen from the parking lots that are based on both sides of the road. The slide is not the only one of Devil's belongings within the area. In fact, there are three Devil's Toys so to speak. They are less impressive than Devil's Slide, and hence less famous. Another toy is the Devil’s Looking Glass which is actually an arch located on the way from Morgan towards Henefer. The last and least impressive is the Devil's Gate which is a bit difficult to find but if you're determined to see it, go down the canyon toward Ogden—there you could get a distant glimpse of the formation.

This area of the Devil's Slide can be seen anytime, but the best season to visit it must be spring through autumn (April–October), as in winter it may be all covered with snow. Many also claim the site looks the loveliest when surrounded with autumn colours, that's in September and October.

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