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USAFA Graduation: Thunderbirds Flyover 2024

Thunderbirds' performance is a perfect excuse to plan a visit to the USAFA graduation

Dates: May 30, 2024

Located north of Colorado Springs, the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) is one of the most prestigious military academies in the United States. The USAFA Graduation Week for 2024 is scheduled from May 20 to May 30. Highlighting the pinnacle of USAFA Graduation Week, the Thunderbirds airshow on May 30 is a must-see event that embodies the spirit and precision of the United States Air Force.

USAFA Graduation Week

The Thunderbirds airshow highlights the culmination of cadets' rigorous training and honors the achievements of the graduating class. Family, friends, and alumni, who typically attend, will be part of this celebration. Each graduating cadet can invite up to 20 guests, ensuring a shared experience of this significant event during the graduation week.

Spectacular Airshow

The Thunderbirds' airshow at the USAFA Graduation is more than just a display of aerial acrobatics. It's a showcase of the precision, speed, and teamwork that the U.S. Air Force embodies. The pilots execute complex formations and maneuvers, such as the diamond formation, high-speed passes, and synchronized acrobatics, demonstrating the performance capabilities of their aircraft and their own flying expertise. The show includes formations and solo routines, demonstrating the pilots' skills and the capabilities of their F-16 Fighting Falcons. The graduation ceremony and airshow run from 9:30 am to 1:15 pm.

If You Don't Have an Invitation

Numerous viewing opportunities are available to watch the spectacular airshow. The vicinity of the Air Force Academy provides excellent spots to observe the event. Historically, locations such as and Overdrive Raceway have organized viewings, offering guests the chance to enjoy the Thunderbirds along with various amenities like refreshments and live entertainment. Price for parking starts from $5.

Accommodation Options

For visitors to the 2024 USAFA Graduation and Thunderbirds airshow, Colorado Springs offers a diverse range of lodging choices, from economical to luxury accommodations. Near the Air Force Academy, options include comfortable hotels with convenient amenities and vacation rentals that range from cozy suites to spacious houses, ensuring every guest finds a fitting place to stay.

Tips for Enjoying the Airshow

For a comfortable experience at the airshow, it’s essential to come prepared. Bringing sunscreen, hats, and water will help you stay protected and hydrated under the sun. Arriving early will not only allow you to secure a prime spot for viewing the aerial feats but also to partake in the pre-show activities. To enhance your experience, consider using binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens to get a closer view of the high-flying action.

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