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Khamoro Festival 2024

Visit one of the largest Roma festivals in the world

Dates: May 26-June 01, 2024

Khamoro Festival
Khamoro Festival
Khamoro Festival
Khamoro Festival

"Khamoro" means "the sun," thus it brings a real sunny and joyful mood to the city of Prague. It represents the culture and traditions of the Romani people. During the festival, you can visit a variety of musical and dance performances, traditional clothing exhibitions, professional seminars, films, and workshops.

Take a look at the fashion show by a Hungarian fashion studio - Romani Design which displays the impact of Roma culture on world fashion. Over a hundred musicians take part in the festival. Have you heard of Gypsy Jazz? The festival features best Gypsy jazz stars acknowledged all over the world.

Khamoro was founded by the NGO Slovo 21 in Prague in 1999. The idea belonged to Jelena and Džemil Silajdžić, a film producer and a professor of music, natives of Sarajevo. Its main idea is to introduce Roma culture to the world and eliminate xenophobia. The festival has attracted nearly 140,000 people as one of the main social and cultural events in Prague. People come not only from the Czech Republic but also from the US, Canada, and South Africa. Over 160 professional Roma bands from more than 40 countries around the world play at numerous venues. The festival was supported by Václav Havel, the first Czech president as well as other famous public figures.

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