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Jug Jug

Enjoy Barbadian Christmas time with finger-licking jug jug


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Jug jug is a traditional Barbadian Christmas dish consisting of pigeon peas, meat, butter, onion, herbs, and water. Sometimes, locals also chop okras and add them to this specialty. Jug jug tastes good with other holiday courses, like boiled ham.

Barbadians have cooked this delicious treat since the 1600s. It could have been introduced to the island by migrants from Scotland after the unsuccessful Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. Still, some locals argue that this dish was nothing more than a creative brainchild of a poor Barbadian, left with no products apart from peas, meat, and corn.

Whatever theory is true, jug jug is worth your attention if you plan on visiting Barbados at Christmas. Discover available options for your stay on the map below.

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