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New Year's Eve 2023-2024

Eating 12 grapes, wearing red coloured underwear and preparing a special cake is only a part of the incredible celebration in Spain


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Like all other places in the world, the New Year is celebrated in Spain with great enthusiasm and special traditions. This time is magical for locals as they spend a lot of time preparing for these celebrations. The Spanish call this day the "nochevieja."

All cities are full of light, songs, and music. One tradition requires that you eat 12 grapes at every stroke of the clock as it strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. Each grape is meant to bring good luck and prosperity for each month of the upcoming year. Traditional food includes a special cake which is cut precisely at 12 o`clock.

The magic can't happen without fireworks. Locals believe that fire and noise will drive away evil spirits. According to beliefs, it's also important to wear red-colored underwear. On the morning of New Year's Day, locals and visitors eat chocolates or biscuits.