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Best time to visit Rome

Beach Season

When in Rome no need to fret that the Mediterranean is too far as there are still a few decent seaside resorts nearby


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Instead of the Mediterranean Sea, there are a few nice towns around Rome with the gateway to the Tyrrhenian Sea—less popular among vacationers, but equally good. The most convenient seaside town is Santa Marinella, where you can get in less than one hour. Lido di Ostia is a great spot near Ostia Antica, famous for the scenic train along Roman aqueducts. The town of Fregenae is famous for its nightlife. If you aren't in any rush and don't mind a longer trip Sperlonga's beaches nearly 150 km from Rome are truly picturesque. Sperlonga is also known ​for villa and grotto of Emperor Tiberius. According to a legend, Tiberius got nearly killed in that grotto by a rock.

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